What is Club Nimbus?

Club Nimbus is a fantasy/steampunk dream where avians rule the roost. Tacoma began work on the dream in August 2004. It went live again in the summer of 2006 and was revamped with fully custom patches in 2012. In 2014, Lunati and Elwood Flickertail pitched in to get us a Dream Package for life. Club Nimbus is continually being upgraded with more areas, avatars and mechanics.

There's something for everyone here, including many RP areas with different themes. We have a Stage Area, Opium Den, Ballroom, Dungeon, Chapel, Sky Gardens, Rooftop, Blacksmith's Forge, Dining Hall, Medical Clinic, Library, Bath House and much more. Vending machines in the basement dispense over 50 different items including pillows, plushes, enchanted objects and more! Sky Gardens span across the floating isles of Nimbaterra, connected by bridge.

Our bar has an interactive bartender, Skye Rufflequill. Skye has his own personality, greets passersby and amuses himself between work. An additional non-staff Bar is located at the Stage Area where anyone can serve. The stage bar is a perfect spot for novice Bartenders to learn the ropes.

Club Nimbus has over 100 custom portraits made for various species in our dream. Some of our local species include Cloud Wyrms, Saddled Gryphons, Pygmy Gryffes, Werewolves, Feral Bugges and more!

We are a strict roleplay guild, but nobody is required to RP in the dream. There are plenty of OOC and private areas, so all are welcome.

We're still looking for more furres for RP or just hanging out. We have an advanced currency system which means you don't need to apply for a job anymore. Simply create a bank account and specify your line of work to earn pay. Furres will recieve a daily paycheck consisting of Gold or Opium depending on their chosen profession. Gold can be used to buy premium drinks at the bar. These drinks give unique auras and effects when you buy them.

You can find active roleplayers in the dream by clicking the "Find RP" button or *JoinRP command. Need a lift to Club Nimbus? Type `join CN for an auto summon!

Come check us out!