Noble Fae, Lunati the Mouse
    Story by Lunati with Art by Tacoma.

    Lunati is a white Arctic Mouse with periwinkle blue spots scattered in groups of three around her face, arms and hips. She has a long, hairless pink tail and a pink nose. Her shimmering, shoulder-length hair is usually tied up into a ponytail and is the same shade of blue as her markings. She wears a hairclip adorned with her family's crest, a golden butterfly, on the side of her head. Lunati also sports a colorful pair of blue and purple butterfly wings which are, in fact, faerie wings.

    The friendly, sociable Lunati was born on the mainland Isle of Zephyr, far below the floating islands of Nimbaterra. She comes from a long line of nobility, among the most wealthy and powerful members of society. Her family belongs to a Noble house in the Courts of the Fae, with Lunati being first in line to become the next Duchess of her family's lands. Growing up, her family ran her through many tutors, lectures, and classes in etiquette so she could learn to be a proper Duchess when the time came. She was taught the ways of intrigue, politics and how to avoid assassination attempts. Lunati's education consisted of extensive schooling and she remained diligent in all of her studies.


    In school, Lunati loved socializing and making new friends, but few stuck around for very long. While friends came and went, a white ermine named Cassandra remained by her side longer than any other. The two shared all the secrets and stories they had over the years, their bond growing stronger with each passing day.

    Cassandra endured bullying and abuse from her peers over her appearance, hobbies and whatever else her assailants could find to humiliate her. Lunati, troubled by this, would walk her friend home from school as often as she could. On the days she was absent, Cassandra had to fend for herself. Cassandra didn't want to fight, she just wanted to be on her way and arrive home safely.

    In the meantime, pressure mounted as family piled more and more responsibilities on Lunati, along with decisions affecting minor games between the Houses of the Fae. The stress from her noble duties bled into the rest of her life and she would often come to Cassandra with her tales. Cassandra was a very good listener, even if she couldn't understand the troubles her friend was faced with. Cassandra saw Lunati as her safety net, the only one who would never let harm come to her, so she followed Lunati around everywhere like a little lost puppy.

    As she grew into adolescence, Lunati's family began introducing her to potential suitors. They wanted her to marry for useful political connections, to continue the family name and strengthen the bond between the House of the Fae and other nobility. A long trail of lords and ladies formed, trying to win Lunati's favor. She turned all of them down, having neither the patience nor desire for romance at this time. Nobody had any connection to her and any marriage with another noble would end up shallow and loveless. With all her free time swallowed by family obligations, dread began gnawing away at her. Lunati knew she would eventually have to make a decision.

    Frustrated and unsure of what to do, she turned to her best friend as she always had. But Cassandra, hurt by Lunati's increasing absence, snapped at her. She was troubled enough by her own pain and felt as though Lunati had abandoned her. Cassandra could not sympathize with her friend's dilemma. The two never walked home anymore, they rarely even talked, and Lunati was spending all of her time on this 'stupid courting'. Cassandra told Lunati to stuff all of the noble nonsense and spend more time with her instead, because none of it mattered at the end of the day. The arguement drove Lunati to tears.

    Eventually pushed away by her best friend, Lunati's heart was broken. She became reclusive and stopped talking to family and friends entirely. Each day passed in silence. She spoke just enough to answer her teachers and finish her studies. Family continued to press her, until one day, after her studies were complete, she packed her belongings and left home late at night. On her travels, she wandered into a tavern on a whim and decided to stay the night.

    During her stay, she met a blue and white tigress named Tacoma who gave her a friendly ear. They talked at great length about their lives, the lost friends and broken love, and slowly bonded over heartbreak. In no time, the two realized they had fallen in love. At last, Lunati found someone she could spend her life with.


    Sensible and diplomatic, Lunati prefers to give others the benefit of the doubt before passing judgment. She doesn't hold onto grudges, but can at times be too eager to forgive someone of their wrongdoings. She's warm and loving towards all she trusts and knows well. Lunati may occasionally seem overly sentimental or naive, but she's not easily fooled by favors and flattery. Sudden affection raises suspicion as many have tried to get build their reputation with her for selfish purposes. Lunati can be a bit snarky or sarcastic at times, although it's never her intent to offend.

    She's not keen on blindly taking over the royal duties of her family and would much prefer to find her own way in the world at her own pace. Although she has many sisters and brothers, her family still attempts from time to time to rope her back into her responsibilities.

    Lunati livens up any party with her energy and love of music. She especially loves to show off her dance moves. She adores colorful attire like rainbow socks, shimmering skirts and bright, neon tops. Lunati's vibrant style turns heads wherever she goes, attracting all eyes upon her.


    Lunati specializes in Fae Magic, a highly versatile class that can be used offensively, defensively or in a supportive role. Fae Minimize lets her shrink down to just about any reduced size. Combining this ability with expert lockpicking skills, Lunati is able work her way into any locked container or area. She's a natural problem solver, using her quick wits and extensive knowledge of various subjects to crack many mysteries.

    Lunati has numerous abilities in the Fae school of magic. Her Sleep Dust ability makes the target so drowsy they fall asleep in short time. Fae Charm lets her temporarily infatuate a target. She can summon swarms of fireflies to illuminate a dark cave or indoor area, or bees to attack a foe. When the moon is bright, she can call down a beam of moonlight across a large area of the ground, healing allies and injuring any foes who step into her light.

    Lunati recharges the Shimmer Dust that builds up on her wings when she rests or sleeps. Once a day, Lunati does a special dance to gather the dust that accumulates. This magic powder can be used to enchant a weapon or armor with mysterious Fae power, granting the weilder or wearer unique abilities. However, her magic dances can be quickly wearing, so she often seems to be a bit hazy and off in dreamland. To regain her energy, she happily indulges in fruits, cheeses and fizzy drinks.

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