Spring Dream :: Merry Meadow



On the Soccer Field, a goal in the south goal is a point for the north team and vice-versa. The field and accompanying scripts here were designed for fast-paced matches. The score can go infinitely high and be recorded, but the scoreboards reset at 100. What happens if one of the teams manages to hit 100? Only one way to find out! The ball will return to the center if it is kicked out of bounds or if the goal is overshot. Scoreboards and Records can be reset by standing at the sign while nobody is on the field and saying *Reset.

Slippery Streams:

Another game for two or more players. One furre holds a switch to draw a bridge while the others cross. Watch out for excited carp! They are hopping out of the streams and can send you back to the beginning if you trip into them. Watch out for their shadows on the ground to know when they might land. While on the other end of the bridge, furres who crossed must hold down a switch to let the first furre cross as well. If the switch is let go of too soon, any players who were still on the bridge will be forced to swim back to the start!

Gardener Ben's Labyrinth:

This game can be played solo, although we've found there is an added element of chaos when a group of furres try to get through it together! Bumping into moles sends you back to the start but you can judge when they're going to pop out of the ground by the moving sand. Gardener Ben's sorcery sometimes (very rarely) causes something interesting to happen here!

Young kit kayden is planning a picnic with his best friend, rusty. You will be be asked to deliver a letter to rusty at the soccer field. Rusty and Kayden get ready to enjoy a day by the river-side picnic area. You help them by carrying over a pitcher of juice to the picnic but just as It's time to eat, something has gone wrong!
Park ranger Rodney helps care for the plants and creatures of The Meadow. When he finds out that Roscoe's mushrooms have gone bad, rodney prepares a special mixture and asks you to use it inside of Roscoe's Cave. Will the picnic the young kits planned go on? If you are ever lost in the woods, Ranger Rodney will happily show you a way out.
Roscoe Raccoon is a good friend of Kayden and Rusty. So why did he take their lunches? The mystery lies deep within his cave, where suddenly poisonous mushrooms are popping up. Roscoe is afraid to get sick from eating these foul smelling spores so he asks you to bring a sample to park Ranger Rodney. It turns out that Roscoe is in luck. The park ranger has a remedy!
By the entrance you'll se a tiny flying bug named Jitters. Jitters will turn you into a tiny bug if you can bring her a bugge egg. Any furre who is a bugge species can make one once they get an egg basket. These eggs can be traded and used by anyone!
Gardener Ben has trouble each spring with moles tunneling through his hedge maze. Maybe something good is at the end of the maze? His wife Lillian can be found by Ranger Rodney's house She's busy baking her famous chocolate bunnies for spring!
EGGSPLOSION! Each species makes a different egg! Each egg makes an effect when used!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a Magical Egg Basket?
We didn't want to force people to do one specific thing for a Basket, since not everyone likes just doing quests or playing games. Although you can get a Basket for completing the quest, you can also get one for teaming up at the Slippery Streams, watching or participating in Soccer or from getting to the end of Gardener Ben's Labyrinth.

Can I trade eggs and use effects from different species' eggs?
That's the idea! By interacting with different species of furres, you get to find more eggs and create more effects.

Why do the Eggs/Baskets Vanish?
To prevent item spamming. You can use the basket and create as many eggs as you want, but they will be cleaned up if nobody picks them up after awhile. Baskets can be traded, too. However, there is a Safe Spot for conjured eggs by the Picnic Benches. Conjure and drop eggs inside of the giant nest and they'll stay there until somebody picks them up!

A giant nest, filled with eggs and a basket in the middle.
We have a suspicion that the neighboring wildlife is afraid a giant bird lives there!

I got a chocolate bunny from the quest, what do I do with it?
I heard that Ranger Rodney loves to get them!

I stood on a Basket Spawn too long and now I'm deep in the woods with no way out! HELP!
Baskets will spawn continuously at the end of certain games, but it wouldn't be much fun if someone blocked others from getting their baskets. If you idle too long, you'll be moved a bit away from the Basket, which sometimes sends you deep in the woods. Don't worry, Ranger Rodney is always there to show you out or you can just type *Move to return to the start of the dream.

What's up with the White/Blank Egg?
It's a conjured egg with an effect like any other you make with Baskets. It's usually made by species that came after the Purrwing Patch like freebies. We did this so that even in the future when there are a bunch more species in Furcadia, furres will STILL be able to play with egg baskets and always produce something!

Does Gardener Ben ever get rid of those Pesky Moles?
The world may never know.


Map Layout:

Lunati & Tacoma


Soccer Script with Cleanup: Lunati
NPC Idle Babble Scripts: Lunati
Switch/Slippery Streams and Maze DS: Tacoma
Egg and Species-Specific DS: Tacoma
Quest and NPC Dialogue: Tacoma & Lunati


Portrait Art, NPC Effects, Marbled.pcx/Skin Interface & Buttons: Tacoma
Item, Floor and Wall Patches: Tacoma
Feral Bugge Avatar and Portraits: Tacoma