Emerey the Alchemist.
    Story by Lunati with Art by Tacoma.

    Emerey is a cheery cat with a mysterious pair of swishing tails, green hair and purpleish fur. She wears a pointy conical hat covered in stars and a belt with potions strapped all about. A magpie named Nyx with shiny feathers in blue and green with glowing green eyes sits on her hat.

    The story begins with a gypsy caravan travelling along the roads, searching for places to explore, sell, and entertain. Riding on that caravan was a delighted mother, a courtesan who had little time for her kittens. Thankfully, the community travelled and raised their children together, along with her brothers and sisters, some related and some not. One curious little kitten was always getting into trouble.

    One day, little Emerey discovered quite a magical sight; a wagon filled with bubbling potions and tinctures, smoky hazy fumes, and flames in a rainbow of colours under burbling cauldrons and beakers. Emerey laughed with delight and curiosity, this looked like fun! So, she decided to see what some of the things do. A strange wriggling plant in the corner, some funny coloured liquids, a few flowers, a scoop of funny pink goo and a little bit of her own hair, all of which were hastily mixed together. Each of the things made the most amazing colours and fizzes when combined, although the wriggling plant seemed a bit angry about it.

    Thankfully the owner was far away and Emerey had plenty of time to play. She continued watching the fizzles and sizzles, entranced by the pretty sparkles her mischief was creating. Combining many strange things without knowing what they do is often a bad idea, as the kitten soon found out. Suddenly, a loud thunderous BOOM! Emerey looked down, saw herself covered in weird shimmery goo and abruptly passed out.

    The caravan's healer, a wizened black tabby only a head taller than little Emerey, was off selling her potions and wares during the day. She found our kitten outside of her home and lab and took it upon herself to nurse Emerey back to health. When Emerey regained consciousness, much to her surprise, she had somehow gained an extra tail. However, one tail listened to her more than the other. Her rescuer, sensing Emerey's brimming curiosity and potential, took her under her tutelage and taught her the art of alchemy.

    Play and curiosity were funnelled into her art as Emerey had at last found an outlet. She got into less trouble, taking to the sparks and explosions with delight. Emerey helped her mentor brew and sell her wares for many years as an apprentice.

    Meeting others was always a delight to her, no matter their species. Most wanted to laugh and be entertained or, at the very least, buy a potion or trinket. Emerey took great delight in talking to strange creatures. She spent countless hours learning obscure trivia and swapping stories about far away lands, magical wonders and useful plants. When not chatting, she enjoyed picking up new books through trade, barter, or sometimes even a little bit of pickpocketing.

    One day, her mentor was working on an odd potion that was causing her quite a bit of trouble. Emerey up and left briefly to pick up some supplies from a nearby town about an hour away. She was almost done with her shopping when suddenly, a massive rumble tore through the air and shook the ground. In the distance, a giant bubble of emerald fire and sparks flew into the air, curls of smoke slowly rising up in the aftermath at the center of the explosion.

    Emerey rushed back as quickly as she could. Upon her arrival, she discovered a massive gaping hole at the former location of the alchemy wagon, her only home. Amongst the flaming wreckage and smoking debris laid the skeleton of her former mentor. The skull glowed with an eerie green magical fire, the colour of dreams in the sky.

    Emerey sank to her knees, her freshly bought supplies forgotten and her world suddenly empty as tendrils of despair took her. While others scrambled to put out the fires in a frantic yelling mess, she sat there alone, the world a faded echo around her. Slowly, a strange shine took to her eyes, and she took on a wane, ricktus grin. A mad cackle rose from her throat, sending shivers down the spines of all around her. Those within hearing distance crept away in terror.

    She stood and smoothly picked up the skull of her dear mentor, laughing the whole way. Emerey held it close and stared into the empty eyes. With a mad glee creeping into her voice, she made a promise, "I will not abandon you, you were there for me all my life and saved me! I will not lose you, I will save you and bring you back to me!"

    Under the twinkling night sky, amidst the embers of her former home, she worked long into the night with random peals of laughter and giggles, flashes of rainbow coloured lights and smoke fading into the air around her. Blobs of strange wriggling creatures and things surrounded her as she progressed into the night. Finally, in the early dawn, as a golden glimmer was covering the sky, a lovely magpie with feathers of mixed green and blue slowly opened its eyes. The eyes glowed an eerie green, the colour of dreams in the sky. "Emerey, is that you?" the bird asked. "What... happened?"

    A short time later, she wandered back to her home. With the caravan irreparable, she packed what she could and wandered off into the woods. Her adventure had only just begun. She travelled along the roads from town to town, brewing her wares and entertaining when there was little demand for potions, with a strange bird on her shoulder and a glowing skull strapped to her pack.

    A curious kitsune named Glimm wondered about her two tails and began following after her, telling her about nature and the world around. The two became fast friends and journeyed onward to adventure, heading off to see the world together.

    Nyx the Magpie.

    Nyx is the ghost of Emerey's former master. She is bound to this world in the physical form of a magpie by alchemy brought on by sheer madness. Her memory devastated, she only remembers bits and pieces of her former life. Nyx cannot recall what kind of potion she was working on that ended her life, or what her final works were, only that they were going to be her greatest achievement.

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