Shapeshifter Glimm

Glimm Foxfire
    Story by Lunati with Art by Tacoma.

    Glimm is a pearl kitsune with iridescent blue hair. She wears a purple tunic and carries with her a pouch of herbal medicine and a lantern which she uses to navigate the forests at night.


    Glimm came from a reclusive village, deep in the heart of the forest. The village residents lived in harmony with nature, led by a wise and ancient nine tailed matriarch. Freely loving one another and bringing delight to all they passed by, this peaceful society lived off the bounties of the forest.

    As a youngster, Glimm derived great joy in changing forms. She skipped through the forest, merrily changing from human child, to fox, to kitsune and so on as she unearthed nature's great wisdom during her play. She was often content simply running through the forest and undergrowth, delighting in dashing and hiding where she could. With time and patience, she would even learn to catch her own food.

    While wandering through the woods one evening, Glimm came across an open cave. Peeking out of it was a small wolf-like creature who introduced herself as Tasmin. Tasmin had just woken up and was about to go hunting for her own small prey. She shyly invited Glimm to join her. As they journeyed together, a new friendship began to blossom. In no time, the two became hunting partners, chasing down prey and exploring the great forest together. Glimm learned to love nature wherever she went. While playing as a fox was a great delight to her, she often wished for a bit more. Sometimes she could grow taller, other times a little shorter, but she often struggled to match her form to the one in her mind.

    One day, while catching up with another friend in town, Glimm tried to describe a wandering merchant who caught her attention. He was a lithe young man with short hair, a bit taller than herself, and she'd seen him around on a few separate occasions. As Glimm concentrated carefully on her words, she slowly started to take on the appearance of the wandering merchant himself. Her friend blinked in shock and soon began to laugh. She looked over Glimm's new form, a sudden twin of the young man, and nodded in fascination. When Glimm finally resumed her kitsune form, her single fluffy fox tail had a twin of its own.

    After some time had passed, Glimm's small home village became a bit of a burden for her. She wanted to meet more people, discover new things and visit the unseen hills, streams and forests of the world. Eventually, she bid a solemn goodbye to her friends and wandered off to see the world. Glimm set up her campsite somewhere new every night, and she was very happy.

    While wandering on a remote country road, Glimm bumped into an angry rogue who took her by surprise by demanding she turn over her money or her life. Glimm possessed very little of monetary value and explained that she'd hardly be worth the trouble to pillage. She cautiously worked to reason with the brigand, a young girl covered in scars who'd obviously had a rough life, and cheerfully reassured her that everything could be better. Glimm managed to convince her that either action would be a waste for them both.

    In no time, the poor brigand was slowly reduced to tears. The two travelled together for awhile, and Glimm taught her how to survive in the wilderness and not be troubled in nature. Eventually, they had to part ways, but agreed to remain friends and look out for one another if they ever crossed paths again. Following the end of this encounter, Glimm felt a third tail swishing behind her.

    During a trip into town for supplies one day, Glimm noticed an odd feline femme with two tails. This was the first time Glimm had seen a different species with more than a one tail. Curious to a fault, she followed the cat and found out her name was Emerey. Glimm sneakily worked to pry some answers out of Emerey, as extra tails are usually only found on Kitsune.

    Emerey did not disclose the true reason for her twin tails until her and Glimm had become good friends. The two compliment each other in battle, both sharing a love of fire magic. Emerey's alchemy skills coupled with Glimm's shapeshifting and trickery have made the two a formidable team. Emerey and Glimm have sworn to protect each other from any who seek to harm them.

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